Dylan Gallagher
Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Toledo, 2014
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Painting Compositions

Portraiture (Digital Paintings, from photo reference)

Graphic Design, Logo Design


I've always been somewhat enamored with the "Koopaling" characters from the Super Mario series. Supposedly designed after members of the development team for Super Mario Bros. 3, they initially went unnamed in Japan, until they were given names for Super Mario World by Nintendo of America employee Dayvv Brooks. A former Tower Records employee, Brooks named most of the Koopalings (as well as the "Reznor" boss enemy) after famous musicians. These uniquely dated naming decisions have been retained to this day, which I find very amusing. I thought it would be a fun to draw these characters dressed as their respective namesakes.

Miscellaneous 3D Art

Game Grumps Animated

A short animation utilizing recontextualized audio from an episode of the web series Game Grumps, presented as a style-homage to the Final Fantasy series of video games, featuring a mix of low-poly 3D animation and detailed digital painting.

William Drive Bus (Trailer 2)

Commissioned 3D renders for William Drive Bus (Trailer 2) by Hutz, a surreal parody of The Simpsons.

Portraiture (Acrylic Paintings, from life)

Drawings from Life

Album Artwork

Miscellaneous Digital Art


Philip is a short computer game homage to the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, created in ten days for GBJam3 in August 2014. The game jam restrictions were to create a Game Boy-themed game using four colors with a 160x144 pixel resolution. The game was made in collaboration with Charles Toeppe, who did all of the programming, while I created all of the art assets.